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EXWM on Raspberry Pi OS Lite

  1. Install Raspberry Pi OS Lite (buster)
  2. Login as pi/raspberry
  3. Enable sources in /etc/apt/sources.list, then sudo apt update && apt upgrade
  4. Install basic but required build tools:

    sudo apt install build-essential

  5. Install xorg and WebKitGTK+:

    sudo apt install xorg xorg-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev

  6. Prepare for latest Emacs install by installing dependencies of latest previous version in the repo:

    sudo apt build-dep emacs

  7. Get the latest Emacs, and configure it thusly:

    ./configure --with-imagemagick --with-xwidgets

  8. Build and install Emacs:

    make && sudo make install

  9. Get my literate README:

    git clone

    • Open in Emacs, then follow instructions to get a basic init.el installed in .emacs.d/
    • In addition, copy the elisp/ directory into .emacs.d/
    • Run Emacs to install packages and debug init as needed:

      emacs --debug-init

  10. Open again, and enable the EXWM entanglement. Then save, and it will tangle EXWM files.

        cp xinitrc.exwm ~/.xinitrc
        ln -s exwm-init.el ~/.emacs.d/
  11. Reboot and do startx after login. Debug init as needed.